At a glance


SLAs met between February and April 2024

Protocol Parameters

SLAs met between February and April 2024


SLAs met between February and April 2024


customer satisfaction during April 2024

System Status

No known issues.


No recent security events.

Performance Reports

Engagement Surveys

A third-party survey is conducted annually to assess sentiment and areas of focus from our key stakeholders.

Naming Performance

Monthly reporting against the service level agreements for the IANA Naming Functions, including root zone management.

Number Resource Performance

Monthly reporting on performance against requirements under the Number Resource SLAs.

IETF Statistics Report

Monthly documentation of the performance of the protocol assignments roles performed for the IETF community.

Internet Draft Status

Information on pending Internet Draft actions being evaluated by us.

Root Zone Maintainer Performance

Performance by the contractor of the Root Zone Maintainer function.

Root Zone Audit Data

A report of all root zone related changes transacted.

Naming Performance Dashboard

Real-time reporting of performance metrics defined by the naming community for root zone management.

Security Incidents

Log of security incidents pertaining to the IANA functions.