Modify a Port Number Assignment

This form is used to modify an existing user port number assignment in the IANA Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry. This is not an application for a new service name or port number assignment.

We require that all current assignees and/or contacts listed in the registry verify the requested changes by email. We also require email confirmation(s) from every updated assignee and/or proposed contact person (if different from the current assignee or contact person).

Once these changes are verified, we will update the registry and notify you when the changes are complete. If you would like to change information for more than one assignment, please submit separate templates. Please enter NEW information in this template.

For further information, see RFC 6335 and RFC 7605.


List the organization, company or individual person responsible for the initial assignment. If you are registering this on behalf of a company or organization, the company/organization name would go here.

Contact Person

The responsible person for the Internet community to send questions to. This person is also authorized to submit changes on behalf of the Assignee. In cases of conflict between the Assignee and the Contact, the Assignee decisions take precedence.

Port Number

Resource Change Request

15 character maximum. See RFC 6335, section 5.1.

If the description in the registry should be changed, provide the new text here.

See RFC 6335, section 8.1.1.

Briefly describe why the requested changes are needed.

Briefly describe the impact of the proposed changes.

See RFC 6335, section 8.1.1.

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