Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry

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TCP/UDP: Joe Touch; Eliot Lear, Allison Mankin, Markku Kojo, Kumiko Ono, Martin Stiemerling, 
Lars Eggert, Alexey Melnikov, Wes Eddy, Alexander Zimmermann, Brian Trammell, and Jana Iyengar
SCTP: Allison Mankin and Michael Tuexen
DCCP: Eddie Kohler and Yoshifumi Nishida
Service names and port numbers are used to distinguish between different
services that run over transport protocols such as TCP, UDP, DCCP, and

Service names are assigned on a first-come, first-served process, as
documented in [RFC6335].

Port numbers are assigned in various ways, based on three ranges: System
Ports (0-1023), User Ports (1024-49151), and the Dynamic and/or Private
Ports (49152-65535); the difference uses of these ranges is described in
[RFC6335]. According to Section 8.1.2 of [RFC6335], System Ports are 
assigned by the "IETF Review" or "IESG Approval" procedures described in 
[RFC8126]. User Ports are assigned by IANA using the "IETF Review" process, 
the "IESG Approval" process, or the "Expert Review" process, as per 
[RFC6335]. Dynamic Ports are not assigned.

The registration procedures for service names and port numbers are
described in [RFC6335].

Assigned ports both System and User ports SHOULD NOT be used without
or prior to IANA registration.

* PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:                                           *
*                                                                      *
* REGISTERED OR NOT.                                                   *
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Service Name Port Number Transport Protocol Description Assignee Contact Registration Date Modification Date Reference Service Code Known Unauthorized Uses Assignment Notes
gopro-wake udp GoPro proprietary protocol to wake devices [GoPro] [Joe_Enke] 2014-10-13 Defined TXT keys: model, fw_version, platform_version, protocol_version, mac_address
gopro-web udp GoPro proprietary protocol for devices [GoPro] [Joe_Enke] 2014-10-13 Defined TXT keys: model, fw_version, platform_version, protocol_version, mac_address
gotit tcp Network name Got It! [Bill_Vlahos] [Bill_Vlahos] 2013-12-13 Defined TXT keys: info=name
gpnp Grid Plug and Play [David_Brower] [David_Brower] Defined TXT keys: None
grillezvous Roxio ToastAnywhere(tm) Recorder Sharing Defined TXT keys: AppID=<application id> KeyHash=<application license key hash>
groovesquid tcp Groovesquid Democratic Music Control Protocol [www_nsovocal_com] [Ruben_Beltran] 2011-10-18 Defined TXT keys: None
growl Growl Defined TXT keys: None
gsremotecontrol tcp General Satellite set-top box remote control [General_Satellite] [Sergey_Zubov] 2014-02-25 Defined TXT keys: None
gucam-http tcp Image Data Transfer API for Wi-Fi Camera Devices over HTTP [Ripplex_Inc] [Hiroshi_Matsuda] 2013-03-04 Defined TXT keys: device-name=<name of camera device>
guid Special service type for resolving by GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) Defined TXT keys: Varies; Depends on type of service being offered/resolved Although DNS-SD does not recommend or advocate using GUIDs as the primary name of an offered service why not?, it does support use of GUIDs as service names where developers want to use them that way. Typically users do not browse for GUIDs. They are not user-friendly and not very informative. Typically, the service is advertised as usual, using a user-friendly name. One of the TXT record attributes is a GUID for the service instance. Once the user has browsed and chosen the desired service instance via its user-friendly name, the service is resolved, the TXT record is retrieved, and the GUID is stored. A given network service instance is therefore being advertised two ways, for example: <User-Friendly-Name>._ptp._tcp.local <GUID>._guid._tcp.local On subsequent accesses to the service, the GUID-based name is resolved, and that particular service instance is discovered, even if the user has subsequently changed the user-friendly name to something else. Note: Although each different logical service type needs to have its own different DNS-SD service type, all GUID-based names use the same pseudo-type: "_guid._tcp". There is no possibility of name conflict because (by definition) GUIDs are globally unique.
h323 H.323 Real-time audio, video and data communication call setup protocol [Will_MacDonald] [Will_MacDonald] Defined TXT keys: None
hbbtv-ait tcp HbbTV Application Information Table [HbbTV_Association] [Paul_Higgs] 2015-09-09 Defined TXT keys: None
help HELP command [RFC1078] TCP Port Service Multiplexer (TCPMUX)
hg Mercurial web-based repository access Defined TXT keys: None path=<file system pathname to repository> description=<descriptive name of repository>
hinz HINZMobil Synchronization protocol [Jorg_Laschke] [Jorg_Laschke] Defined TXT keys: None
hmcp Home Media Control Protocol [Will_Lahr] [Will_Lahr] Defined TXT keys: None
hola tcp An application to communicate with other [Navneet_Gupta] [Navneet_Gupta] 2017-09-05 Defined TXT keys: None
home-sharing iTunes Home Sharing [Amandeep_Jawa_3] [Amandeep_Jawa_3] Defined TXT keys: txtvers, hQ, iTSh Version, MID, Database ID, dmb, Version, OSsi, hG, hC, Machine ID
homeauto iDo Technology Home Automation Protocol [Tony_de_Rijk] [Tony_de_Rijk] Defined TXT keys: None
homeconnect tcp Home Connect Protocol [BSH_Bosch_und_Siemens_Hausgeraete_GmbH] [Jens_Clauss] 2013-06-11 Defined TXT keys: txtvers + Proprietary
honeywell-vid udp Honeywell Video Systems [Shankar_Prasad] [Shankar_Prasad] Defined TXT keys: None
hotwayd Hotwayd Defined TXT keys: None
howdy Howdy messaging and notification protocol [Ozate_Inc] [Joseph_Sickel] 2011-10-12 Defined TXT keys: vers
hpdeviceinfo tcp The service provides information about connected HP devices [HP_Inc] [Sanjay_Kumar] 2016-08-26 Defined TXT keys: vers=<version>
hpr-bldlnx HP Remote Build System for Linux-based Systems [Jeffrey_J_Walls] [Jeffrey_J_Walls] Defined TXT keys: rh73, rhel3, rhel4, deb31, suse102
hpr-bldwin HP Remote Build System for Microsoft Windows Systems [Jeffrey_J_Walls] [Jeffrey_J_Walls] Defined TXT keys: xp, vista
hpr-db Identifies systems that house databases for the Remote Build System and Remote Test System [Jeffrey_J_Walls] [Jeffrey_J_Walls] Defined TXT keys: bld, tst, mstr
hpr-rep HP Remote Repository for Build and Test Results [Jeffrey_J_Walls] [Jeffrey_J_Walls] Defined TXT keys: bld, tst, official
hpr-toollnx HP Remote System that houses compilers and tools for Linux-based Systems [Jeffrey_J_Walls] [Jeffrey_J_Walls] Defined TXT keys: rh73, rhel3, rhel4, deb31, suse102
hpr-toolwin HP Remote System that houses compilers and tools for Microsoft Windows Systems [Jeffrey_J_Walls] [Jeffrey_J_Walls] Defined TXT keys: xp, vista
hpr-tstlnx HP Remote Test System for Linux-based Systems [Jeffrey_J_Walls] [Jeffrey_J_Walls] Defined TXT keys: rh73, rhel3, rhel4, deb31, suse102
hpr-tstwin HP Remote Test System for Microsoft Windows Systems [Jeffrey_J_Walls] [Jeffrey_J_Walls] Defined TXT keys: xp, vista
hs-off Hobbyist Software Off Discovery [Rob_Jonson] [Rob_Jonson] Defined TXT keys: None
htsp Home Tv Streaming Protocol [Andreas_Oman] [Andreas_Oman] Defined TXT keys: None
https tcp HTTP over SSL/TLS [Tim_Berners_Lee] [Tim_Berners_Lee] Web browsers like Safari and Internet Explorer (with the Bonjour for Windows plugin) DO NOT browse for DNS-SD service type "_https._tcp" in addition to browsing for "_http._tcp". This is a conscious decision to reduce proliferation of service types, to help keep DNS-SD efficient on the network. Today, if a user types into their web browser, the web server automatically redirects the user to Rather than having an entirely different DNS-SD service type for https, we recommend using the same redirection mechanism: advertise a plain "http" service, which consists of nothing except an HTTP redirection to the desired "https" URL. Work is currently being done on adding mechanisms to HTTP and TLS to allow the server to tell the client that it needs to activate TLS on the current connection before proceeding. If this becomes widely adopted, it further justifies the decision to not create a separate DNS-SD service type "_https._tcp", because security becomes just another one of the things that is negotiated on a per-connection basis (like content-type negotiation today) rather than being an entirely separate thing.
htvncconf udp HomeTouch Vnc Configuration [Yuval_Rakavy] [Yuval_Rakavy] 2012-07-10 Defined TXT keys: None
hue tcp Philips hue protocol [Philips_Lighting] [Walter_Slegers] 2017-11-01 Defined TXT keys: bridgeid, modelid
hyperstream Atempo HyperStream deduplication server [Laurent_Charmet] [Laurent_Charmet] Defined TXT keys: version=x.y.z.w uuid=<36 bytes UUID string> host=<real host name>
iad1 BBN IAD 2013-05-24 This service name is no longer in use.
iad2 BBN IAD 2013-05-24 This service name is no longer in use.
iad3 BBN IAD 2013-05-24 This service name is no longer in use.
iaudit tcp Braemar Inventory audit [Braemar_Consulting] [Richard_Thompson] 2014-03-05 Defined TXT keys: None
ibiz iBiz Server [IGG_Software] [IGG_Software] Defined TXT keys: None
ica-networking Image Capture Networking [Baskaran_Subramaniam] [Baskaran_Subramaniam] Defined TXT keys: None
ican Northrup Grumman/TASC/ICAN Protocol [Laurent_Mihalkovic] [Laurent_Mihalkovic] Defined TXT keys: None
ichalkboard iChalk [Math_Game_House_Soft] [Math_Game_House_Soft] Defined TXT keys: None
ichat iChat 1.0 [Jens_Alfke] [Jens_Alfke] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
iconquer iConquer [Andrew_Zamler_Carhar] [Andrew_Zamler_Carhar] Defined TXT keys: None
icontrolbox tcp A Remote Control Application service used to control Computers on a Local Area Network [Umair_Cheema] [Umair_Cheema] 2013-07-08 Defined TXT keys: None
idata Generic Data Acquisition and Control Protocol [Carson_Fenimore] [Carson_Fenimore] Defined TXT keys: None
idcws Intermec Device Configuration Web Services [Thaddeus_Ternes] [Thaddeus_Ternes] Defined TXT keys: version=<x.xx>
ideaquest tcp IDEAQUEST Safety Monitoring System [IDEAQUEST_Inc.] [Kimitaka_KAWAGUCHI] 2016-12-12 Defined TXT keys: none
idsync SplashID Synchronization Service [Justin_Cepelak] [Justin_Cepelak] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
iffl iFFL Bonjour service for communication between client and server applications. [Kevin_Gregory] [Kevin_Gregory] 2016-03-20 Defined TXT keys: None
ifolder Published iFolder [Brady_Anderson] [Brady_Anderson] Defined TXT keys: version=?
ihouse Idle Hands iHouse Protocol [Toby_Smith] [Toby_Smith] Defined TXT keys: None
ii-drills Instant Interactive Drills [Ricky_Sharp] [Ricky_Sharp] Defined TXT keys: None
ii-konane Instant Interactive Konane [Ricky_Sharp] [Ricky_Sharp] Defined TXT keys: None
ilynx iLynX [iOS_Software] [iOS_Software] Defined TXT keys: None
im tcp Instant Messaging [RFC3861]
im udp Instant Messaging [RFC3861]
imagescal tcp ImagesCal App Data Sharing [Three_Lights_Software_LLC] [Gus_Asadi] 2014-07-22 Defined TXT keys: None
imidi iMidi [Robert_Grant] [Robert_Grant] Defined TXT keys: None
imgsync tcp Protocol synchronizing Image data [Canon_Inc_2] [Kazuo_Moritomo] 2013-03-28 Defined TXT keys: srvver, mf, md, mn, tid, srv, sid, myhwa, imglist, devAid, serAid, vever
ims-ni tcp Noise Inspector [IMS_merilni_sistemi] [Metod_Celestina] 2012-08-24 Defined TXT keys: SN (serial number), SVER (software version), HVER (hardware version), PVER (protocol version))
indigo-dvr Indigo Security Digital Video Recorders [Haram_Lee] [Haram_Lee] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
infboard tcp InfBoard interactive whiteboard protocol [Eric_Sean_Conner] [Eric_Sean_Conner] 2011-10-17 Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
innergroup tcp Service for a Communications App [Santo_Porpiglia] [Santo_Porpiglia] 2015-05-28 Defined TXT keys: None
inova-ontrack Inova Solutions OnTrack Display Protocol Defined TXT keys: None
iot tcp Internet-of-things (IoT) JSON telegram service [SEVENSTAX_GmbH] [Ralf_Schwarzer] 2015-11-05 Defined TXT keys: <type>:application specific kind of protocol; <vers>:version of the 'type'; <device>:device descriptor
iota tcp iotaMed medical records server [MITM] [Martin_Wehlou] 2011-10-18 Defined TXT keys: none
ipbroadcaster IP Broadcaster [base_t_Interactive] [base_t_Interactive] Defined TXT keys: None
ipspeaker IP Speaker Control Protocol [Dan_Mahn] [Dan_Mahn] Defined TXT keys: None
iqp tcp Control protocol for Phase One devices [Phase_One] [Christopher_Jacobsen] 2018-01-16 Defined TXT keys: txtvers,mk,md,us,un,ss,auth
ir-hvac-000 tcp HVAC SMIL Server [Ingersoll_Rand_Inc] [John_Taylor] 2011-09-28 Defined TXT keys: None
irelay iRelay application discovery service [Marc_Diamante] [Marc_Diamante] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
irmc Intego Remote Management Console [Olivier_Delecluse] [Olivier_Delecluse] Defined TXT keys: RMC Client Version=<version>, MAC Address=<address>
irobotmcs tcp iRobot Monitor and Control Service [iRobot_Corporation] [Tim_Farlow] 2013-11-07 Defined TXT keys: None
irobotmcs udp iRobot Monitor and Control Service [iRobot_Corporation] [Tim_Farlow] 2013-11-07 Defined TXT keys: None
iroid-sd tcp Iroid Data Service Discovery [iroïd] [Tom_Wagner] 2016-04-22 Defined TXT keys: none
irradiatd-iclip tcp iClip clipboard transfer [Irradiated_Software] [Thomas_Tempelmann] 2012-06-19 Defined TXT keys: none
irt-sharing tcp Image Resizer Toolbox preview sharing service [] [Juan_Guerrero] 2015-06-30 Defined TXT keys: irtshrng
isparx iSparx [Philipp_Dreiss] [Philipp_Dreiss] Defined TXT keys: None
ispq-vc iSpQ VideoChat [Chris_Silverberg] [Chris_Silverberg] Defined TXT keys: None
ishare iShare [Steve_Dekorte] [Steve_Dekorte] Defined TXT keys: None
isticky iSticky [Insist] [Insist] Defined TXT keys: None
istorm iStorm [Math_Game_House_Soft] [Math_Game_House_Soft] Defined TXT keys: None
isynchronize tcp iSynchronize data synchronization protocol [Smart_Apps_LTD] [Sergey_Bolshedvorsky] 2011-10-11 Defined TXT keys: none
itap-publish tcp iTap Publishing Service [HLW_Software_Development_GmbH] [Michael_Lacher] 2011-10-11 Defined TXT keys: uuid=<unique server key>
itis-device IT-IS International Ltd. Device [Ben_Webster] [Ben_Webster] Defined TXT keys: type=<product type> configuration=<product configuration> description=<human readable description> version=<device and protocol version>
itsrc iTunes Socket Remote Control [Kevin_Leacock] [Kevin_Leacock] Defined TXT keys: None
ivef Inter VTS Exchange Format [Harry_ten_Berge] [Harry_ten_Berge] Defined TXT keys: None
iwork iWork Server [IGG_Software] [IGG_Software] Defined TXT keys: None
jcan Northrup Grumman/TASC/JCAN Protocol [Laurent_Mihalkovic] [Laurent_Mihalkovic] Defined TXT keys: None
jeditx Jedit X [Satoshi_Matsumoto] [Satoshi_Matsumoto] Defined TXT keys: None
jini Jini Service Discovery [Daniel_Steinberg] [Daniel_Steinberg] Defined TXT keys: None
jmap tcp JSON Mail Access Protocol [JMAP_editor] [Robert_Norris] 2016-01-22 Defined TXT keys: None
jnx-kcsync tcp jollys keychain cloud sync protocol [Patrick_Stein] [Patrick_Stein] 2011-10-24 Defined TXT keys: hash=<40hex characters> salt=<40hex characters> uuid=<40hex characters> Example: hash=5e7580598c0d7064d4fc79faaeb42585e1a675f8 salt=f0164cb3a0c3d7efe75abea8fda86d2d56c8dda9 uuid=db61dc092922252e45bbb264f59147138c7fd5fa
jtag Proprietary [Uwe_Ziegler] [Uwe_Ziegler] Defined TXT keys: blocked=<name of the device>, version=<firmware/instrument controller version>
jukebox tcp Jukebox Request Service [Gary_Giebler_2] [Gary_Giebler_2] 2011-10-18 Defined TXT keys: None
jukejoint tcp Music sharing protocol [Phrenetic_Apps_LLC] [Christopher_Pow] 2016-04-12 Defined TXT keys: none


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[Jens_Clauss] Jens Clauss BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeraete GmbH mailto:jens.clauss& 2013-06-11
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