Framework Documents

This page summarises key documents relating to the oversight framework for the performance of the IANA functions.

IETF Memorandum of Understanding

Since 2000, protocol parameter registry assignments have been governed by a memorandum of understanding between ICANN and the Internet Engineering Task Force. This MOU is updated on an annual basis through supplemental agreements.


Between 2000 and 2016, the performance of the IANA functions was governed by a contract between ICANN and the US Government's National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The most recent contract (SA1301-12-CN-0035) was in effect since 2012.

As a deliverable to section C.7.3 of the 2012 contract, ICANN has produced a document describing transition to a successor.

As a deliverable, ICANN produced a document describing the termination plan for the Root Zone Key Signing Key (KSK). This document undergoes periodic reviews and may be revised and updated as appropriate.