CBOR Web Token (CWT) Claims

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CBOR Web Token (CWT) Claims

Mike Jones, Hannes Tschofenig, Chuck Mortimore, Ludwig Seitz
See RFC-ietf-ace-cbor-web-token-15 for mailing list instructions.
Available Formats

Range Registration Procedures
Integer values from -256 to 255 Standards Action
Integer values from -65536 to -257 Specification Required
Integer values from 256 to 65535 Specification Required
Integer values greater than 65535 Expert Review
Strings of length 1 Standards Action
Strings of length 2 Specification Required
Strings of length greater than 2 Expert Review
Claim Name Claim Description JWT Claim Name Claim Key Claim Value Type Reference
Reserved for Private Use less than -65536 [RFC-ietf-ace-cbor-web-token-15]
Unassigned -65536 to -257
Unassigned -256 to -1
Reserved This registration reserves the key value 0 0 [RFC-ietf-ace-cbor-web-token-15]
iss Issuer iss 1 text string [RFC-ietf-ace-cbor-web-token-15]
sub Subject sub 2 text string [RFC-ietf-ace-cbor-web-token-15]
aud Audience aud 3 text string [RFC-ietf-ace-cbor-web-token-15]
exp Expiration Time exp 4 integer of floating-point number [RFC-ietf-ace-cbor-web-token-15]
nbf Not Before nbf 5 integer of floating-point number [RFC-ietf-ace-cbor-web-token-15]
iat Issued At iat 6 integer of floating-point number [RFC-ietf-ace-cbor-web-token-15]
cti CWT ID jti 7 byte string [RFC-ietf-ace-cbor-web-token-15]
Unassigned 8 to 65535