Launch TCR Selection

This material is archived for historical purposes only. It should not be relied upon to provide accurate current information.

Provisional Trusted Community Representatives

ICANN, as the IANA functions operator, seeks to improve confidence and acceptance in the DNSSEC security mechanism among the wider Internet community by inviting recognized members of the DNS technical community to be part of the key generation, key backup and key signing process for the root.

As part of the joint effort to secure the domain name system (DNS) and the Root DNSSEC key management process currently under consideration, a number of persons acting as trusted representatives of the Internet community will be sought to participate in the root key generation and signing ceremonies. These persons are called Trusted Community Representatives (TCRs).

ICANN will select 21 TCRs and a number of candidate TCRs. Initially, this will be done on a provisional basis to determine the approach’s viability based on the success of the first Hardware Security Module (HSM) initialization and key generation that is scheduled for June 2010. The selection will be based on Statements of Interest, solicited from the Internet community. Persons considered affiliated with ICANN, VeriSign or the U.S. Department of Commerce may not become a Trusted Community Representative.

Statement of Interest

The TCR Statement of Interest submission period is now closed. Thank you to all those that have applied.

For further information please see Trusted Community Representatives – Proposed Approach to Root Key Management.

TCR Selection 2010

ICANN has chosen 21 TCRs and a number of candidate TCRs. This selection is based on Statements of Interest, solicited from the Internet community. Selection was made in a manner consistent with the criteria previously published. ICANN intends to release a document which describes the precise methodology used to select TCRs before the publication of the first operationally-validatable, signed root zone currently scheduled for 2010-07-15.

Effective 2010-06-16, the following people have been chosen by ICANN to serve as Trusted Community Representatives. Note that the lists below are provisional; it is possible for example that due to travel problems backup TCRs will be called upon to participate. The lists will be updated to reflect actual participants after each ceremony.

Crypto Officers for the US East Coast Facility

Crypto Officers for the US West Coast Facility

Recovery Key Share Holders

Backup Crypto Officers

Backup Recovery Key Share Holders