Obtaining consent for a root zone change

Standard confirmation

For a routine change to a top-level domain, the existing administrative and technical contacts should both consent to a change.

For changes that involve appointment of new contacts, the proposed new contacts will also be required to consent to the change. They will be asked to confirm their details are correctly reflected and they agree to the responsibility of being a contact for the domain.

Consent from the Manager

In the event either the administrative or technical contact is unresponsive, or it can be shown they no longer act in the role for which they were designated, the manager is able to provide instruction regarding authorising changes or replacing the contacts. This should be provided by an appropriately authorised representative of the manager, on company letterhead. We will confirm the authenticity of the communication before proceeding with the change request.

Changes that impact multiple domains

If a change involves altering the IP address(es) for a name server, and that name server is used by two or more top-level domains, confirmations from the contacts of the other impacted top-level domains must be provided.

After 14 days, if such a request is consented to by the requesting domain’s contacts, but is stalled because not all of the other impacted parties have explicitly consented, we may apply discretion to proceed with the request. Note that if any party explicitly rejects the request, the request will be closed.