C.5.2 Root Operations Audit Report

This report is produced in accordance with Section C.5.2 of Contract Number SA130112CN0035 for ICANN’s performance of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority functions. This report is for the reporting period of September 1, 2013 through September 15, 2013.

Reporting Period

From: 1 September 2013
To: 15 September 2013

Root Zone Modification Requests and Related Transactions

The following requests were implemented during the audit period. All requests were processed according to RFC 1591, ISO 3166-1, and the GAC Principles.

Review of changes implemented for accuracy

TLD Change Details Final status (Reason for non-completion if applicable) Date of Implementation or Closure
md Updated Administrative Contact Withdrawn
(Withdrawn by applicant)
укр Multiple nameserver changes involving DNS1.U-REGISTRY.COM, DNS2.U-REGISTRY.NET, DNS3.DOTUKR.COM Withdrawn
(Withdrawn by applicant)
by Remove name server DNS6.TLD.TUTBY.COM Completed 2013-09-03
sz Add name server NS1.SISPA.ORG.SZ Completed 2013-09-03
nu Updated Nameserver Records Completed 2013-09-05
bw Multiple nameserver changes involving DNS1.NIC.NET.BW, PCH.NIC.NET.BW, NS4.BTC.BW, RAIN.PSG.COM, NS-BW.AFRINIC.NET, HIPPO.RU.AC.ZA, DNS2.NIC.NET.BW, DAISY.EE.UND.AC.ZA, VPSM.BTC.BW, NS.UU.NET Completed 2013-09-06
ve Add name server SNS-PB.ISC.ORG Completed 2013-09-06
укр Multiple nameserver changes involving DNS1.U-REGISTRY.COM, DNS2.U-REGISTRY.NET, DNS3.DOTUKR.COM Completed 2013-09-06
ee Remove name server NS.UU.NET Withdrawn
(Withdrawn by applicant)
md Updated Administrative Contact Completed 2013-09-10
nu Updated Domain Metadata Completed 2013-09-10
gov Added 2 and removed 2 DS records Completed 2013-09-11
ee Multiple nameserver changes involving E.TLD.EE, NS.UU.NET Completed 2013-09-11
af Multiple nameserver changes involving ADRAS.NIC.AF, NS-AF.RIPE.NET, AF4.DYNTLD.NET, AF2.DYNTLD.NET Completed 2013-09-12