Revocation Report for .doosan


This report is produced as part of the activity associated with Section C.2.9.2 of Contract Number SA130112CN0035 for the performance of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority functions. Under the contract, ICANN facilitates and coordinates the root zone of the domain name system, including receiving root zone file change requests for top-level domains.


  • gTLD delegation eligibility met Deemed Eligible
  • Consent from authorized party Yes
  • Other processing Completed

Domain information

doosan This reflects the label managed in the DNS root zone, also known as the top-level domain. It is used by end-users in applications and in technical configuration management.

Current Sponsoring Organization

The current sponsoring organisation for this domain is:

Emergency Back-End Registry Operator Program - ICANN
12025 Waterfront Dr., Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90094
United States

IANA change request eligibility

gTLD Revocation Process Completed — ICANN produces a “gTLD Revocation Readiness Report” that serves as a confirmation that the request submitted for the revocation of a generic top-level domain name has completed all applicable processes. Readiness Report
Consent by an authorized party — The registry operator, listed as the “sponsoring organization” in the Root Zone Database, has overall responsibility for managing the domain. The entity consenting the revocation should be this organization, or an organization to which the rights to consent to removal is properly vested.

Authorizing party:

Current Sponsoring Organization
ICANN as empowered by a termination provision in the governing registry agreement

Other requirements The request must pass a number of procedural checks conducted for all root zone changes in order to be transmitted for authorization and implementation. Completed