Redelegation Report for .jpmorgan


This report is produced in accordance with Section C.2.9.2.d of Contract Number SA130112CN0035 for the performance of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority functions. Under the contract, ICANN verifies that all requests relating to the delegation and redelegation of generic top-level domains are consistent with the procedures developed by ICANN. Documentation is provided verifying that ICANN followed its own policy framework including specific documentation demonstrating how the process provided the opportunity for input from relevant stakeholders and was supportive of the global public interest.


  • Applicant matches approved party Yes
  • Contact Confirmations Completed
  • Technical Conformance Completed
  • Other processing Completed

Domain information

jpmorgan The U-label is the presentation form of the domain. It is the version that is expected to be used by end-users in applications.
The A-label is the encoded form of the domain. It is the version that may be seen as part of technical configuration management. For non-ASCII domains, this version may also be needed in applications that do not have full IDN support.

Applicant information

The proposed sponsoring organisation for this domain is:

JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association
270 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017
United States

IANA change request eligibility

Applicant matches the contracted party — The entity listed as the "sponsoring organisation" in the Root Zone Database has overall responsibility for managing the delegation details with the IANA functions. The entity proposed as sponsoring organisation must match the currently contracted party authorised to operate the domain by ICANN. Matches
Contact confirmations — The proposed points-of-contact for the domain must confirm their details are correct and agree to responsibility for management of the domain. Completed
Technical conformance — The proposed technical configuration of the domain must pass a number of minimum technical requirements in order to be listed in the DNS Root Zone. Completed
Other requirements — The request must pass a number of procedural checks conducted for all root zone changes in order to be transmitted for authorisation and implementation. Completed