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domain:       AX

organisation: Ålands landskapsregering
address:      Strandgatan
address:      Mariehamn 22100
address:      Åland Islands

contact:      administrative
name:         Ronny Lundström
organisation: Ålands landskapsregering
address:      PB 1060
address:      Mariehamn 22111
address:      Åland Islands
phone:        +358 18 25000
fax-no:       +358 18 19155
e-mail:       axdoman@regeringen.ax

contact:      technical
name:         Valter Ulenius
organisation: Ålands Telekommunikation Ab
address:      Hantverkargränd 1
address:      Jomala 22150
address:      Åland Islands
phone:        +358 18 23500
e-mail:       domain@alcom.ax

nserver:      NS1.ALAND.NET
nserver:      NS2.ALAND.NET
nserver:      NS3.ALCOM.FI 2a00:5500:1:6:0:0:0:130
nserver:      NS4.ALCOM.FI 2a00:5500:1:7:0:0:0:194
ds-rdata:     54055 8 2 4299c76d8767752c8a10579c4465cbc1c61ad2e1a0d68b42df75645322f06202

whois:        whois.ax

status:       ACTIVE
remarks:      Registration information: http://www.whois.ax

created:      2006-06-21
changed:      2017-08-04
source:       IANA