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domain:       XIN

organisation: Elegant Leader Limited
address:      25/F JUBILEE CENTRE
address:      18 FENWICK STREET
address:      WANCHAI
address:      HONG KONG
address:      China

contact:      administrative
name:         Yusi Zheng
organisation: Elegant Leader Limited
address:      HiChina Mansion
address:      No.27 Gulouwai Avenue, Dongcheng District
address:      1001020 Beijing
address:      China
phone:        86 10 65985888 ext. 16581
fax-no:       86 10 65985608
e-mail:       joyce.zheng@alibaba-inc.com

contact:      technical
name:         Senior Director, DNS Infrastructure Group
organisation: Afilias
address:      Building 3, Suite 105
address:      300 Welsh Road
address:      Horsham, PA 19044
address:      United States
phone:        +1 215.706.5700
fax-no:       +1 215.706.5701
e-mail:       tld-tech-poc@afilias.info

nserver:      A0.NIC.XIN 2a01:8840:7e:0:0:0:0:17
nserver:      A2.NIC.XIN 2a01:8840:81:0:0:0:0:17
nserver:      B0.NIC.XIN 2a01:8840:7f:0:0:0:0:17
nserver:      C0.NIC.XIN 2a01:8840:80:0:0:0:0:17
ds-rdata:     57339 7 1 8b256cf077c63884bdf213c796db6f32a4289717
ds-rdata:     57339 7 2 617b4a512b4cebe63595c1f27504b5b99c2e4319eb7ad56e48b8679bd137e7f1
ds-rdata:     31863 7 2 ae18bae0e30e2bb51e5514f1b42a761c40df079bea0eb95fb584ee38ecd224b8

whois:        whois.nic.xin

status:       ACTIVE
remarks:      Registration information: http://www.dotxin.org

created:      2015-02-19
changed:      2020-11-20
source:       IANA