Submit an SOI as a Trusted Community Representative

Important: Please familiarise yourself with the application process, and in particular the qualification criteria, prior to submitting a statement of interest.

Please provide a high-level summary of why you feel you would be a suitable choice for a TCR role.

Please provide your country (or countries) of citizenship.

Please provide your location (city and country) of primary residence (i.e. from where you will normally travel to key ceremonies.)

Provide details of your current job, title, employer or affiliation.

Describe your educational background and past professional positions.

Provide URLs to your homepage, resume or other relevant materials you'd like us to consider.

Provide between 2 and 4 persons who can serve as references. For each, provide the person's name, e-mail address, telephone number, professional position, and a brief description of your relationship with them. Please ask each person before including their name as a reference and inform them that you have submitted this SOI.

Please identify your role preference, if any.

By submitting this statement of interest, you understand and accept that:
  • Under the procedures as described in the DPS, your candidacy for TCR will be treated as confidential.
  • Third party checks may also be required as part of a due diligence process necessary before we can accept a TCR position.
  • Although reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that its confidentiality procedures are followed, selected TCRs shall have no claims against PTI, ICANN, or affiliated persons in the event information is disclosed despite our adherence to these procedures.
  • You also authorize us to consult with your references, to investigate other information publicly available about you, and to conduct additional third-party reference checks. You will not be entitled to review or access any of the information received, obtained, generated, or considered by us regarding any candidate or selected TCR, or any of our discussions or deliberations regarding any candidate or selected TCR. Candidates and selected TCRs have no right to challenge or seek review of our TCR selections.
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