Call for volunteers as Trusted Community Representatives

We are seeking interested individuals who wish to act as Trusted Community Representatives. These individuals are an important component of how we manage the Root Zone Key Signing Key, the trust anchor for the global Domain Name System. By inviting recognized members of the DNS technical community to be part of the Root Zone KSK operations, we seek to improve confidence and acceptance in the DNSSEC security mechanism among the wider Internet community.

The TCR roles serve as one of the multi-layered safeguards that protect the key material used to secure the DNS Root Zone.

What does a TCR do?

There are two primary types of TCRs: cryptographic officers, who are actively involved in our key ceremonies conducted throughout the year; and recovery key share holders, who are involved in our disaster recovery planning.

What TCRs share in common is they maintain custody of essential pieces required for the successful operation of the Root Zone Key Signing Key (KSK). By design, management of the KSK is spread across many individuals who must come together to operate the key, to guard against unauthorized access.

TCRs are ambassadors on behalf of the broader technical and operational communities. To support trust in the system, TCRs report back to the community that the KSK is being managed in an appropriate and trustworthy way. By selecting recognized leaders in the community to be TCRs, it is anticipated the system as a whole can be more readily trusted.

All TCRs need to maintain a state of readiness should there be an unforeseen need to hold a key ceremony at short notice.

We provide a travel support program to TCRs who need to attend ceremonies. We will arrange and pay for airfare and accommodation, and provide TCRs with a stipend for incidental costs.

Detailed Information

Those interested in become a TCR should familiarize themselves with the details of he roles and key ceremonies by reviewing these documents.

How to apply

If you are interested in a TCR role, please read the aforementioned briefing materials and review your eligibility. Eligible applicants are invited to file a statement of interest.

Statements of interest will be collected and assessed on a regular basis in the event there are vacancies.

Document last revised 2017-04-19.