Root KSK Ceremony 1

This ceremony has been completed.

Location Root Zone Key Management Facility East
Culpeper, Virginia, USA
Ceremony Start 2010-06-16 17:00:00 UTC
Wednesday 16 June 2010, 1 p.m. (local time at facility)
Objectives Instantiate the Root Key Management Facility East
Generate the Root Zone KSK-2010
Sign the 2010Q3 ZSKs

Ceremony Materials

File Description
._KC1_files.sha256 (4.0 KB)
KC-20100612-r482.iso (560.0 MB)
KC1_files.sha256 (956 bytes)
ceremony1-script-annotated.pdf (11.1 MB)
ceremony1-script.pdf (849.1 KB)
icann-keytools-20100612.tar.gz (429.7 KB)
ksk1-cam1.mp4 (1.0 GB)
ksk1-cam2.mp4 (737.5 MB)
ksk1-cam3.mp4 (724.7 MB)
kskgen-20100616-211906.log (2.6 KB)
ksrsigner-20100616-214329.log (4.4 KB)