Trusted Community Representatives

ICANN, as the IANA functions operator, seeks to improve confidence and acceptance in the DNSSEC security mechanism among the wider Internet community by inviting recognized members of the DNS technical community to be part of the key generation, key backup and key signing process for the root.

As part of the joint effort to secure the domain name system (DNS) and the Root DNSSEC key management process, a number of persons acting as trusted representatives of the Internet community participate in the root key generation and signing ceremonies. These persons are called Trusted Community Representatives (TCRs).

In 2010, ICANN selected 21 TCRs and a number of candidate TCRs. Initially, this selection was performed on a provisional basis to determine the approach’s viability based on the success of the first Hardware Security Module (HSM) initialization and key generation in June 2010. The selection was based on Statements of Interest, solicited from the Internet community. Persons considered affiliated with ICANN, VeriSign or the U.S. Department of Commerce may not become a Trusted Community Representatives.

In 2014, ICANN conducted a review of TCR participation and is planning to make enhancements to the procedure for future ceremonies.

2010 Trusted Community Representatives

Representative Role
Alain Aina, BJ Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
Nicolas Antoniello, UY Backup Cryptographic Officer (2010-2016);
Cryptographic Officer (2016-)
Fabian Arbogast, TZ Backup Cryptographic Officer (2010-2015);
Cryptographic Officer (2015-)
Dmitry Burkov, RU Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
Vinton Cerf, US Cryptographic Officer (2010-2013)
John Curran, US Backup Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
João Luis Silva Damas, PT Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
Rudolph Daniel, VC Backup Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
Jorge Etges, BR Backup Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)
Christopher Griffiths, US Backup Cryptographic Officer (2010-2013);
Cryptographic Officer (2013-)
Ólafur Guðmundsson, IS Backup Cryptographic Officer (2010-2014);
Cryptographic Officer (2014-)
Moussa Guebre, BF Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)
Sarmad Hussain, PK Backup Cryptographic Officer (2010-2014)
Dan Kaminsky, US Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)
Paul Kane, UK Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)
Olaf Kolkman, NL Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
Warren Kumari, US Backup Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)
Dileepa Lathsara, LK Backup Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)
David Lawrence, US Backup Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)
Edward Lewis, US Cryptographic Officer (2010-2014)
Andy Linton, NZ Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder, SE Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
Carlos Martinez, UY Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
Masato Minda, JP Cryptographic Officer (2010-2015)
Subramanian Moonesamy, MU Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
Frederico Neves, BR Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
Kristian Ørmen, DK Backup Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)
Norm Ritchie, CA Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)
Robert Seastrom, US Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
Ondřej Surý, CZ Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)
Gaurab Upadhaya, NP Cryptographic Officer (2010-)
Ralf Weber, DE Backup Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)
Bevil Wooding, TT Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)
Jiankang Yao, CN Recovery Key Share Holder (2010-)