Root KSK Ceremonies

Ceremonies are usually conducted four times a year to perform operations using the Root Key Signing Key, and involving Trusted Community Representatives. In a typical ceremony, the KSK is used to sign a set of operational ZSKs that will be used for a three month period to sign the DNS root zone. Other operations that may occur during ceremonies include installing new cryptographic officers, replacing hardware, or generating or replacing a KSK.


Date Ceremony Agenda
2020-02-12 KSK Ceremony 40 Sign 2020Q2 ZSKs; HSM3 (West) Destruction
2019-11-14 KSK Ceremony 39 Sign 2020Q1 ZSKs; HSM3 (East) Destruction
2019-08-14 KSK Ceremony 38 Sign 2019Q4 ZSKs; KSK Delete; HSM Destruction; Introduce HSM5W
2019-05-16 KSK Ceremony 37 Sign 2019Q3 ZSKs; KSK Delete; HSM Destruction; Introduce HSM5E
2019-02-27 KSK Ceremony 36 Sign 2019Q2 ZSKs
2018-11-15 KSK Ceremony 35 Sign 2019Q1 ZSKs
2018-08-15 KSK Ceremony 34 Sign 2018Q4 ZSKs
2018-04-11 KSK Ceremony 33 Sign 2018Q3 ZSKs
2018-02-07 KSK Ceremony 32 Sign 2018Q2 ZSKs; HSM1 (West) Destruction Test
2017-10-18 KSK Ceremony 31 Sign 2018Q1 ZSKs; Replace RKSH 3
2017-08-17 KSK Ceremony 30 Sign 2017Q4 ZSKs
2017-04-27 KSK Ceremony 29 Sign 2017Q3 ZSKs
2017-02-02 KSK Ceremony 28 Sign 2017Q2 ZSKs; Import KSK-2017
2016-10-27 KSK Ceremony 27 Sign 2017Q1 ZSKs; Generate KSK-2017; Zeroize HSMs 1 and 2 (East)
2016-08-11 KSK Ceremony 26 Sign 2016Q4 ZSKs; Zeroize HSMs 1 and 2 (West)
2016-05-12 KSK Ceremony 25 Sign 2016Q3 ZSKs
2016-02-11 KSK Ceremony 24 Sign 2016Q2 ZSKs; Replace CO6 (West)
2015-11-12 KSK Ceremony 23 Sign 2016Q1 ZSKs
2015-08-13 KSK Ceremony 22 Sign 2015Q4 ZSKs; Introduce HSM3 and HSM4; Replace CO1 (West)
2015-04-09 KSK Ceremony 21 Sign 2015Q3 ZSKs; Introduce HSM3 and HSM4 (East)
2015-01-22 KSK Ceremony 20 Sign 2015Q2 ZSKs
2014-11-20 KSK Ceremony 19 Sign 2015Q1 ZSKs
2014-08-14 KSK Ceremony 18 Sign 2014Q4 ZSKs; Replace CO5 (West)
2014-04-17 KSK Ceremony 17 Sign 2014Q3 ZSKs
2014-02-13 KSK Ceremony 16 Sign 2014Q2 ZSKs
2013-10-24 KSK Ceremony 15 Sign 2014Q1 ZSKs
2013-08-07 KSK Ceremony 14 Sign 2013Q4 ZSKs
2013-05-02 KSK Ceremony 13 Sign 2013Q3 ZSKs; Replace CO5 (East)
2013-02-12 KSK Ceremony 12 Sign 2013Q2 ZSKs
2012-11-12 KSK Ceremony 11 Sign 2013Q1 ZSKs
2012-07-26 KSK Ceremony 10 Sign 2012Q4 ZSKs
2012-05-22 KSK Ceremony 9 Sign 2012Q3 ZSKs
2012-02-02 KSK Ceremony 8 Sign 2012Q2 ZSKs
2011-09-30 KSK Ceremony 7 Sign 2012Q1 ZSKs
2011-07-20 KSK Ceremony 6 Sign 2011Q4 ZSKs
2011-05-11 KSK Ceremony 5 Sign 2011Q3 ZSKs
2011-02-07 KSK Ceremony 4 Sign 2011Q2 ZSKs
2010-11-01 KSK Ceremony 3 Sign 2011Q1 ZSKs
2010-07-12 KSK Ceremony 2 Instantiate El Segundo KMF; Import KSK-2010; Sign 2010Q4 ZSKs
2010-06-16 KSK Ceremony 1 Instantiate Culpeper KMF; Generate KSK-2010; Sign 2010Q3 ZSKs