Common Questions on the Next-Generation Root Zone Management System

The Root Zone Management System is evolving. Our next generation platform, planned for launch in 2022, contains some key changes that will provide meaningful improvements to our customers.

Below are some common questions; however if you cannot find the answers you seek please email us at

Do I need a new user account, username or password to login?

Your account and its username will stay the same. After your first login with your current password you will be required to select a new password. This is to implement stricter rules on password complexity to better safeguard your account in the future.

Why does each individual person need an account?

Issuing everyone with their own accounts increases security. As well as reducing password sharing and its associated risks, IANA is better able to help recover lost credentials when they are assigned to individuals. You will need to log in when approving change requests, so each person with an authorizing role will need an account.

What are the changes to the contact model?

The contacts listed as public contacts displayed in the WHOIS database will now be distinct from those who manage the domain with IANA. By distinguishing these functions we will provide flexibility for TLD managers to configure their roles and responsibilities in a way tailored to their organizational needs. Managers can also customize the number of approvals needed for each type of change request, and which representatives are authorized to approve different types of requests.

Will IANA be contacting every user of the system regarding migrating their data over?

No, IANA is only planning to contact existing users where we need additional information or clarification on how they would like their account migrated. This is expected to be those who have:

  • Multiple accounts for the same person: we will work with them to consolidate under a single username and password
  • Multiple email addresses for the same person: We will clarify which is the best email address to use
  • Unusual postal formats: If the physical or postal address doesn't conform to standard rules, we may seek clarification on how it can be adjusted.