ARIN IPv6 Allocations

Allocations of IPv6 address space are made to regional Internet registries according to their needs, based on allocation rates they publish. Specifically, RIRs are eligible for further allocations if their available space of existing allocations is less than 50% of a /12 address block, or less than their necessary space for the following 9 months.

Current Space and Eligibility

Eligibility Eligible
Available Space 392,507
Necessary Space 7,227
Monthly Average 803
measurements are in /32

24 Month Forecast

The chart below uses ARIN's current average allocation rate to forecast their available IPv6 space over the next 24 months. This can be used to estimate if ARIN will become eligible to apply for additional IPv6 space in the near future.

Allocations by Status

Status of IPv6 addresses allocated to ARIN.

Allocations by Country

Total number of IPv6 address blocks allocated to individual countries from ARIN.

Allocations for the Last Six Months

Number of IPv6 addresses allocated by ARIN to their Local Internet Registries (LIRs) in the last six months.

Fragmented Allocations by Prefix Length

IPv6 address blocks smaller than /32 are considered "fragmented". The chart below shows the number of fragmented blocks held by ARIN.

Charts last updated 2020-01-28
Based on ARIN data published 2020-01-27