RIPE NCC ASN Allocations

Allocations of autonomous system numbers are made to regional Internet registries according to their needs, based on allocation rates they publish. Specifically, RIRs are eligible for further allocations if their available address space is 80% allocated, or the available pool does not satisfy two months of need based on the previous six months' average allocation rate.

Current Pool and Eligibility

Eligibility Eligible
Available 90
Two Month Need 364
Monthly Average 182
Last Allocation by IANA 3,072 ASNs (2020-04-01)

12 Month Forecast

The graph below uses RIPE NCC's current average allocation rate to forecast their available ASN space over the next 12 months. This can be used to estimate if RIPE NCC will become eligible to apply for additional AS Numbers in the near future.

Allocations by Country

Total number of ASN blocks allocated to individual countries from RIPE NCC.

Allocations for the Last Six Months

Number of ASNs allocated by RIPE NCC to network operators in the last six months.

Charts last updated 2021-11-27
Based on RIPE NCC data published 2021-11-26